物流机器人作者:AGILOX 02-27 22:02

AGILOX 即将在3月的斯图加特物流展上推出一款最新的创新产品 —— AGILOX OPS(全向平台穿梭车)。这款产品的问世为现有的解决方案组合注入了新的可能,作为一款强大而灵活的平台机器人,它引起了广泛的关注。这款自主机器人经过精心设计,能够在狭窄的通道和有限的空间内快速而高效地移动标准/定制的负载载体。在生产和仓库物流领域,OPS展现出了巨大的应用潜力。灵活的组件使其能够承载重达1500公斤的各种负载载体,并以高达1.6米/秒的速度进行运输。此外,这款机器人还以其小巧的设计和全向驱动系统而

AGILOX 即将在3月的斯图加特物流展上推出一款最新的创新产品 —— AGILOX OPS(全向平台穿梭车)。这款产品的问世为现有的解决方案组合注入了新的可能,作为一款强大而灵活的平台机器人,它引起了广泛的关注。这款自主机器人经过精心设计,能够在狭窄的通道和有限的空间内快速而高效地移动标准/定制的负载载体。在生产和仓库物流领域,OPS展现出了巨大的应用潜力。灵活的组件使其能够承载重达1500公斤的各种负载载体,并以高达1.6米/秒的速度进行运输。此外,这款机器人还以其小巧的设计和全向驱动系统而备受瞩目,其能够在有限的空间内自由穿梭,成为现有棕地设施中不可或缺的理想解决方案。这一创新产品的推出进一步彰显了AGILOX在物流自动化领域的持续创新和领先技术!

AGILOX is going to unveil the latest innovation at Stuttgart LogiMAT in March: the AGILOX OPS (Omnidirectional Platform Shuttle). This product novelty enhances the existing solution portfolio with a powerful and flexible platform robot. The autonomous robot is designed to swiftly move heavy loads on standardized and custom load carriers in narrow aisles and limited space conditions. The AGILOX OPS is suitable for a variety of applications in production and warehouse logistics, as its flexible components allow the transportation of various load carriers weighing up to 1,500 kg at a speed of up to 1.6 meters per second. Thanks to its compact design and omnidirectional drive system, it is also capable of operating in confined spaces, making it an ideal solution for brownfield facilities. The addition of this latest development to the product portfolio underscores the commitment to continuous advancement and leading technologies in the field of material flow automation.